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Whether you are trying to lose weight, or measuring foods in the kitchen, or perhaps you are looking for a reliable bathroom scale having the best weighing machine is an essential piece of your household equipment in our day to day life. You need a weighing machine that is reliable, powerful, and accurate. Not only that, but you need a weighing machine that can hold on as much weight as possible


With all of the weighing machines and scale choices available today, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to compare and decide between the various modelsfeatures, and prices on digital scales. Good news for you, we're here to make this decision as easy as possible for you!

Let's take a look at the best weighing machines and compare their most important features.

Easily compare accuracyweight, modelprice, and size of the most popular weighing scales. With our sort-able guide below, the time-consuming task of collecting all of this data has been done for you. Compare a few scales, then just click on the name or image of the scale to dig in a bit deeper, and read the customer reviews and get the latest deal.

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Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale Review

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1byone Digital Body Weight Scale Bathroom Scale Review

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Yunmai Premium Smart Scale – Body Fat Scale Review

Yunmai Premium Smart Scale – Body Fat Scale Review

view pricefull review Yunmai4.5 Star Average Rating 390lb12.9 x 12.9 x 1.2 inchesLCD

Hello and welcome to our website where we review the best weighing machine and weighing scales!.

Weighing scales are devices that are used to measure weight, we all have been using weigh scales to measure our bodies or food for a very long time. Some of us might just want to check how much weight we have put on. You will be surprised at what each weight scale can tell you about somebody


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Yunmai Premium Smart Scale – Body Fat Scale Review

Yunmai Premium Smart Scale – Body Fat Scale Reviewfull reviewview price

1byone Digital Body Weight Scale Bathroom Scale Review

1byone Digital Body Weight Scale Bathroom Scale Reviewfull reviewview price

Weighing machines

Ever gone to the store and you’re presented with an array of weighing machines? Well, all faced with the situation can agree that it is a daunting task. One can get confused on which one to purchase as the variety to choose from is vast. Weighing Scales have gone through a lot of adjustments in the last decade or so.  The times are long gone where a weighing scale only measured the weight of an object; now they are synchronized into shipping systems, packaging solutions, and even the medical records database.

Evidence supporting the existence of weighing machines dates back to 2400 B.C.

Types of weighing scales

Depending on the weighing scale you are looking for and its purpose, they are available for domestic, commercial, industrial use. Here are the different types of weighing scales:

  • Analog Scales

They are also known as mechanical scales. These are the earliest form of weighing devices and are the simplest to use.  They have the advantage of operating without batteries. They feature a spring that does not require batteries making them durable. They also have easy to read dials as they have been advanced since they have existed for an extended period.

  • Digital Scales

These are one of the modern types of weighing machines. They are user-friendly and simple to use. They provide a more accurate reading as compared to the analog scales. Most are battery operated.

  • High tech scales

These scales offer an in-depth reading. They delve deep into the composition of the object rather than the percentage between weigh-ins. Some of these scales are advanced such that some use blue tooth, WiFi and can connect to a smartphone or tablet, which in turn updates your BMI charts automatically.

Some of these high tech scales are talking scales hence they can be used by the physically disabled.

  • High capacity scales.

These scales are an alternative method for weights exceeding the normal standard weight that a standard scale can accommodate.  They include industrial and medical scales.

  • Design scales.

They are weighing machines that have been designed to match the look you desire. It can be designed to suit your space. Some are created using wood panels or bamboo.

  • Spring Scales

They are also known as a newton meter. This is because its primary unit of measurements is in Newton. It functions in accordance with the Hooke’s law. It states that the distance of the spring is directly proportional to the force extending the spring. It can be digital and mechanical.

  • Floor Scales

This is mainly used in industries to weigh bulky objects. It can also be used in medical facilities especially veterinary clinics to measure animals such as warthogs or elephants.

  • Platform Scales

They are used in stores such as supermarkets as it offers accurate measurements of an item. It enables the store to handle bulky items.

  • Bench Scales

It is mainly used in used in courier offices. They have the limitation of being used only in room temperatures because the air inside the machine can cause an inaccuracy in the readings. The bench scales are used to measure using grams or kilograms.

Tips to buy a Weighing Scale

The most common weighing scale is the bathroom scale. Whether you are into interior finesse or portable scales, here are some factors to guide you as you decide to buy one:

  • Price

Once you have a budget, it then becomes effortless to choose a weight machine. If money is not a limiting factor, then you can get a variety of options at your disposal, most of which are top of the rank weighing machines. These weighing scales can measure up to the data of segmented body fats.


  • Design

If your scale does not impress you, then you will most likely ditch it somewhere that you don’t see it often. Once the scale is hidden, then there is a high possibility that you don’t get to use it as much as you should. It is therefore advisable to purchase a scale that pleases you

  • Accuracy

It is too easy to choose an accurate scale.  Most dieters are determined to use any scale as long as it detects weight change. It is impossible for one to keep track of their weight if the machine does not give correct readings.

  • Features

This is a concern for most people who plan to use a scale. It is paramount that the scale you purchase is able to accommodate the bulk weight.  Most weighing machines can take high capacity, but it is essential to find out. Check if your scale is broad enough to ensure it suits your needs.

  • Readability

Users should be able to read easily. Since most scales are placed on the floor, the measurements should be easy to read. It is essential for one to look for a scale whose numbers can be read without straining.

Examples of weighing machines

There are various examples of weighing scales sold on the online platform

  • Electronic weighing machines
  • Jewelry weighing scale
  • Automatic weighing machine
  • Coin weighing machine
  • Food weighing machines
  • Computerized weighing bridge
  • Pit weighing bridge
  • Mechanical weighing machines

Weighing scales play an in important role in people’s daily lives. So for that purpose, it is essential to purchase an efficient weighing machine that can serve your needs.

Analog vs. Digital – Which scales are most accurate?

When it comes to selecting a weighing machine there’s  two main types of scales which is available to you. There’s the analog weighing scale and there’s the digital scale. They both have their pros and cons as we all know we are more familiar with the standard analog scale.

Analog or mechanical weighing machines work by using  spring mechanisms to operate the display results

These scales have been around for a long time while they remain one of the most famous types of machines. Analog scales started to slowly decrease as digital weighing machines started seeping into the market.

When choosing a weighing machine it is important to know what kind of requirements you want for your scale. One of the most important things to look out for is their accuracy. The accuracy of weighing

For commercial weighing purposes, Analog Weighing Scales are used in most places, even today. But they are slowly being replaced completely by smart digital weighing scales. Traditional Analog Scales are being modified to accommodate for smarter features.


Everyone is familiar with the older Analog weighing devices that were utilized for both body weight as well as for other measurements. These older Analog weighing machines were notorious for being less accurate.

Even if they displayed high accuracy on purchase, their accuracy would slowly diminish with use. These days, we rarely see Analog weighing scales since they have been replaced with high-end, stylish digital weighing scales with tons of smart features and pin-point accuracy.

Hence Digital weighing scales are more popular because they are more accurate

Following are the Pros and Cons of both Analog as well as Digital weighing scales. Depending on your requirement, you can buy either of them from a good brand since both Analog and Digital weighing scales are available in the market.

Mechanical weighing scales vs Digital weighing scales:

Mechanical Weighing Scales:


  • Analog Weighing Scales operate by using mechanical features and thus doesnt require you to constantly change batteries or regularly maintain them.
  • A simple spring mechanism is all it takes to give you almost accurate weight measurements.
  • Analog weighing scales are easy to ready and uses a pointer to accuratly return results.


  • With regular use, the springs used in Analog Weighing Scales that are mainly responsible for measuring and displaying weight, wear out.
  • The accuracy is of these scales decline overtime where the spring mechanics wear our one more manually reset the scale to zero. Some machines have calibration wheels that you will need to use less, initially and at progressively higher intervals with regular use.
  • They are bulky and have a small shelf life.

Digital Weighing Scales:


  • Most modern digital weighing scales uses smart sensors
  • Digital Scales are the most accurate scales due to their ability of having a better precision and their advanced technology
  • The digital bathroom weighing scales is able to calculate various factors like BMI, water weight etc. to not only provide advanced readings but also to help you lose or gain weight as per your diet plan.
  • The latest digital weighing scales are normally designed with a sleek design plus. Not only that but they durable material and look more attractive.


  • Digital Weighing Scales use an Analog to Digital conversion technology, so essentially the same measurements are obtained and discrepancies in measurement can be expected.
  • Digital Weighing Scales are higher-priced than Analog devices.
  • They are harder to calibrate



Digital weighing scales

Smart Scales Reviews

Nokia Body - BMI Wi-Fi Scale, Black


Rather than recording your weight physically, smart scales carry out the activity for you, Each smart scale can connect with health applications so you can track your weight consistently. The smart scales innovation has been around for a couple of years

Kitchen Weighing Scale Reviews

AAJ ® Digital LCD Glass Electronic Kitchen Household Weighing Food Cooking Scales (1 Gram - 5 KG)

Weighing machine in the kitchen is a vital part of equipment used by people who are serious about cooking their food professionally. Kitchen weighing machines are used to measure food quantities in the kitchen and you will be damned if you dont have a kitchen scale in your kitchen.  Not only is it used for general kitchen uses but its also for people who are on a diet in order to lose weight you must be measured out the in take of calories. Having a kitchen scale can also save you money allowing you to only pick out the quantities of food that you need.

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