FITBIT WIFI Scale Review

FITBIT WIFI Scale Review

If you don’t already know about Fitbit, this Fitbit wifi scale review is for you.  it’s a Fitbit Ultra wireless movement tracker, which tells you how much exercise you get, step by step and minute-by-minute. Be that as it may, the Fitbit Aria tracks your weight and muscle versus fat ratio instead of the amount you move about.


The Fitbit Aria’s activity is to measure your weight and muscle to fat ratio – ideally every day – and transfer the data to a cloud-based record over your home Wi-Fi network. Fitbit says the four batteries will last up to a half year.


Another claim made for the battery is that its stamina is assisted by the double radio wires inside, where a few opponents include only the single reception apparatus. It coped with our notoriously flaky home Wi-Fi network flag extremely well, apparently failing to miss out on a transfer.


Taking out the Fitbit Aria’s batteries for 10 seconds and returning them inputs the scale into setup mode, in which it pipes out its own particular Wi-Fi hotspot. Associate with the Aria’s network utilizing a perfect cell phone (iPhone/Android) or PC with an application installed and you’re ready. This is the last time the Aria needs to interface with another gadget as well, as starting here all transfers are dealt with consequently – occurring each time another measurement is made.


However, besides the price of the actual scale which is 99$, fortunately, you won’t have to pay for anything more. That makes the price easier to digest, indeed and trust me, it’s worth it.


However, I have to say that it has a few flaws. Sometimes, it doesn’t track correctly or even gives you false information. Yesterday you had 59kg and today you have 56kg, which we all know it’s not possible scientifically speaking.


Or, sometimes it doesn’t track your loss of weight correctly. That doesn’t happen very often and overall it is an amazingly unique and smart scale. If you want to spend some good money on scales, we recommend you buy the FitBit wifi scale as it is currently the best scale on the market and we all love it. It’s features are incredible and we could go on and on about them the whole day. So, this smart scale is definitely a buy!


Besides, no screws or links required.


Gorgeous and simple to utilize, the Fitbit Aria is an effortless approach to monitor your body weight and fat rate – particularly helpful if you’re building muscle as opposed to simply out to get thinner. Observing changes is dead straightforward as well, because of the free cell phone. Far-reaching coordination with different health applications isn’t here yet, but if you have the tolerance it should increase soon.


In conclusion, Fitbit is amongst our best weighing and smartest bathroom scales and if you’re interested in having your weigh precisely shown on your smartphone and even a track of how well you’re doing, the Fitbit Aria is your choice.

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